Saturday, April 11, 2009

DevCamp Bangalore 2

I had attended DevCamp Bangalore 2 on Saturday. There were several sessions planned and many happened simultaneously. So I could attend only a handful of them though many others were interesting too. I had quite a nice experience in most of the sessions except for those where either I was not interested or didn't understand anything.


Sahi is an automation and testing tool for web applications, with the facility to record and playback scripts. Sahi runs on any modern browser which supports javascript. The founder of Sahi, Narayan Raman, gave a nice descriptive demo of how Sahi works and was answering the various interesting questions fired at him by audience. He also mentioned the limitations which Sahi had in its current state.

Visualization of Code Metrics

Neal Ford gave a nice presentation on the various tools which provide visual presentation of various code metrics like Cyclomatic Complexity, LOC, Methods per Class, etc. It was a nice learning for me about various standards and thresholds the industry follows regarding code quality.

Augmented Reality

Mrinal Wadhwa's session on this one didn't really interest me and I just moved out. Not that the session was bad just that it did not align with my interests.

Productive Programmer Mechanics

This is was one of the more interesting sessions. Neal Ford talked about different ways to improve the productivity of programmers. While it was nothing revolutionary, some of the tips on using IDEs better were Aha! moments.

When he mentioned but Window's behavior affected programmers' productivity, I felt it was indeed so true. Though, I myself have never realized it though I'm sick of Windows. This indeed has been disturbing me at work daily but I just never realized it.

Erlang & Distribution

Bhasker V Kode's session on Erlang was very interesting. Especially his biological analogies were helping in explaining it a lot better. However, since I have absolutely no familiarity with Erlang and have very little understanding of FP, it really was greek and hebrew to me.

Ruby for the Curious Hacker

This was a session I was waiting for given my recent in RoR. Sidu had a very simple presentation but the Q&A discussion took up the session's time and even exceeded it a bit.

There were several people criticizing the syntax of Ruby and its monkey patching capabilities. Sidu also expressed some of his gripes about Ruby and to some extent Rails.


Neal Fords, session on how normal languages can be used as DSLs was the last session I attended. It was very interesting as he demonstrated how playing around with languages' syntax can turn them into DSLs. He also mentioned various ways of building DSLs out of common languages.

Over all it was a very nice experience, interacting and learning from fellow geeks.


Abhilshit said...

great dude ,looks like I had missed something that was very important :(

Chandru said...


Heck, Yeah! You'd have been interested in quite a lot of sessions. Esp the one on Augmented Reality would have interested you.

And yeah, you missed the T-Shirt too. :P

Saleel said...

HI chandru, very nice blog. Good to know that you have attended Devcamp bangalore campaign. I wish i coould. Ita always good to keep ourself updated if we could attend this kind of campaign.